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 Tabloid 11.0" tall (Only on Newsprint) 
 Broadsheet 11.0" wide (Only on Newsprint) 
 Tabloid 11.5" tall (Only on High Bright) 
 Broadsheet 11.5" wide (Only on High Bright) 
 Tabloid 12.0" tall (Only on Newsprint) 
 Broadsheet 12.0" wide (Only on Newsprint) 
 Tabloid 12.5" tall 
 Broadsheet 12.5" wide 
 Tabloid 13.5" tall 
 Broadsheet 13.5" wide 
 Tabloid 15.5" tall 
 Broadsheet 15.5" wide 
 Tabloid 17.5" tall 
 Broadsheet 17.5" wide 
 Pony tab magazine (requires stitch and trim) 
For TABLOIDS page height. For BROADSHEETS page width. Please check your quote or call if you are unsure.
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 Cover Newsprint/ Inside Newsprint 
 Cover High Bright/ Inside Newsprint 
 Cover High Bright/ Inside High Bright 
Please indicate what type of paper to use. Please check your quote of call if you are unsure.
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 Half Fold 
 Quarter Fold 
 Pony tab mag 
Indicate folding options. 1/2 fold tabloid shows entire front page. 1/2 fold broadsheet shows top half of front page.
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